Friday, December 26, 2008

Featured Artist: Angela D. Hill

Angela D. Hill was born in Greensboro, AL on July 29, 1964. She exhibited Artistic abilities early in her childhood. Throughout her early academic years, educators relied heavily on her artistic and innovative nature. This encouraged her to spend hours developing her skills in various art forms. After graduating from Greensboro High School East Angela went on to attend Alabama A&M University where she studied Commercial Art and Advertising. Angela has worked in many different career fields but has never found the satisfaction that she finds in her creations. This realization resulted in her moving to Huntsville, AL in 2007. This move brought about a peace that can easily be seen in her more recent creations. “I asked God to to give me a creation that would spread and enhance world peace throughout the this nation. I asked that it be revealed in a dream. That same night twelve clocks were revealed to me in a dream.” Through prayer, she thanked God for leading her in this direction that has changed her life and wanting it to also change the lives of others. Upon seeing the true significance of these clocks with the timely message on each, hanging them throughout your workplace or office, aat home, or even at church, will only remind those that look upon them to spend time with Jesus every hour.

Angela Hill

Featured Artist: Don Howard

After completing his studies at Hampton University, Don began his career at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. While at Disney, he worked on projects for Robin Hood and Winnie the Poo. It was during this time that he became keenly interested in the art of caricature.
Don relocated to Huntsville, AL in the early 1980's and after establishing Howard Studios, he made a personal decision to concentrate on the art of caricature. Since his decision, he has not looked back-caricatures are his only form of artistic expression. Don works tirelessly to develop caricatures that are not only humorous and provocative, but also professionally crafted.
Don lives in Huntsville, AL with his wife and business partner, Dorothy.