Thursday, July 16, 2009

Featured Artist: Michele Lee

"Balance" by Michele Lee, copyright

"Kayla" by Michele Lee, copyright

"Her Spot" " by Michele Lee, copyright

Artist Bio

My name is Michele Lee. I am a visual artist living in Madison, Alabama. I have been painting since 2003 and am blessed every day to be given the chance to do what I love. My story is not unlike most artists. I started drawing at a young age then put it down for a while. I will try not to bore you with the technical details. Instead, I would like to share with you what happened to me in 2003 that completely changed my life.

Early one Sunday morning I awoke with one of the worst feelings. I knew that my life was in a downward spiral with drinking, lying, cheating, steeling and generally living in constant darkness. I got up early and thought to myself, I am not going to be able to do this life again today. Please God let me either die or…well, just die. As I went to reach for my bottle I felt a sense of presence that made me want to not drink but go to church. Now, I had not gone to church in quite some time, so I really was not into doing that. But I did. I sat there that morning listening and praying for God to remove, what I thought of as a backpack full of guilt and fear, from me. I cried out to be lifted and carried away. In that instance I heard a voice calm and clear, I thought I must be losing my mind. The voice spoke to my entire soul and said, “I know you have had a hard time sweetie. I am SO very proud of you. You have tried this your way for a long time and now it is time to go with me. So let’s get up and do this together.” I cried, and I still do today even typing this. I got up and walked out of that church. I don’t remember a whole lot of the next few days, but I do remember going to treatment and feeling as if it was not me doing it. Almost like watching someone else go through the motions. I met my husband shortly after and was given a sketch book. I had expressed to him how I used to love to draw when I was a little girl. In the front he wrote, “Have a wonderful weekend. This is for you to find that little girl again.” I do believe God gave that to me through my husband. Since that day I have not stopped drawing and painting. God has held my hand like a strong and loving father through treatment, divorce, loss of a family member, re-marriage, starting my own business, discovering me and art. I can’t tell you the process of how I paint. I just know that it is a spiritual experience. For me it is a time of meditation with my Dad, my God. Through my art we have, together, worked through many issues and had many long talks. He has shown me a way to give back to others and to live a life free from drinking and fear. I believe that God gets to experience many things through his human children and through me I believe it is one form of art. I am not Van Go and really never wish to be. I just want to enjoy the gift he has given to me and to share him with others. You know there are many ways to say what he has done for me through the canvases…but I think there is one word that simply describes it….and that is LOVE.

I was asked what my favorite bible verse is, and I think it is the one that I wear on a bracelet around my wrist every day:
1 Corinthians 13:13 These three remain Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest is Love.

The three paintings that I have selected are special to me. They are:

“Balance” It is a painting that I did about a year ago and it reminds me to simply stay balanced on the golden path.

“Kayla” Was the first piece I did for someone that changed my life. She asked me to paint her daughter that was no longer here. I was hoping to give her a piece of art that would help her to see Kayla as she is now. I did that, but got so much more in return. I got to really know a special girl who has taught me that every second of everyday is precious.

“Her Spot” It is a painting of my spot. What I love to have around me. And who I am.

For more information about Michele Lee please visit her art journal blog at: and her art business website at:

Featured Artist: Betty Burchfield

"Betty Ruth, Self Portrait" by Betty Burchfield, Oil, copyright

"Madison County Court House, 1887" by Betty Burchfield, Oil, copyright

"Grandfather" by Betty Burchfield, Oil, copyright

"Tea Party" by Betty Burchfield, Oil, copyright

Betty Burchfield

God truly gives each of us a talent. What we do with that talent is our gift to Him. My talent is "Art. After a six weeks course in oil painting.... I was asked by my instructor, Billye Williams, if I would take 3 of her new students as she had full classes. I gasped and said "But, I've only taken one class from you. I don't feel qualified". Her response was....."You have a God given talent and the best way for you to learn is to teach". I began classes in an unfinished basement using a ping pong table for the 3 students to sit around with portable easels for each. Billye was right ...... teaching made me study and experiment with the oils much more than I ever would have.. After approximately 2 years, my little business of teaching escalated to teaching beginners, children and advanced. I also had a waiting list. During this period, my way of giving back to God was to conduct a voluntary class at AOkay Home for the Elderly once a week.

Betty has won many prizes at art shows. At one show in Utah, she won first, second, third and honorary mention. She now has been painting 50 years.

She developed a new technique using a person's old photo of something or someone dear to their hearts and making a museum quality oil painting. This was the technique she taught on the internet with much success. Betty has two CDs on the market for teaching this tecnique and also for teaching how to make porcelain dolls.

She gives all the credit to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. "Without Him, I would be like a kite trying to fly with no tail". She is now 72 and still painting pictures. She has painted several celebrities such Dr. Phil and Robin, Oprah and Oksana. "My road has been filled with surprises and meeting so many nice people" states Burchfield. She also thanks her family for their love and support. Her son, Dave, encouraged her to get back to painting a few years ago. "My children are my fan club" Betty proudly announces with a big smile.

These are some of the pictures using her new technique.
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Porcelain Dolls

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Oil Paintings

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you.....:
Jesus Christ and the American Soldier
One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

Featured Artist: Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbury

"Sabbath Best" by Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbury, copyright

"Fantasia" by Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbury, copyright

"Ode to Georgia" by Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbury, copyright

Adrienne C. Rowe-Saulsbury

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She is a graduate of Columbia Union College in Takoma Park, Maryland, receiving degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and General Studies. She completed a Master’s degree in Education from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. And is currently working on completing a massage therapy certificate and licensing program in Madison, Alabama.

Musically gifted she enjoys singing with the First church choral, Inspirational choir and with an all women’s group called Chang’d. Her earlier college choir performances with Pro Musica have taken her to Washington D.C. to sing at the National Cathedral and the Kennedy Center on two occasions.

Adrienne is an artist having created over 250 paintings and drawings which include illustrations for two children’s books. While teaching she had a unique opportunity to be the resident artist at the Snickerfritz Art Gallery in East Cleveland, Ohio. She has had her works displayed in various libraries and museums including MLK Library in East Cleveland, Ohio and A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama where she is currently living.

Adrienne is married to Elder H. E. Phillip Saulsbury and they have a beautiful three year old daughter name Autumn.

“Writing, teaching, ministering, quilting, singing, painting and speaking are God’s gifts loaned to me. I will use them to the best of my ability; for His Glory, for His purpose, for His service, for my salvation!”

One of Adrienne's favorite bible verses is: "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

To find out more about Adrienne please visit her website at:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cotton Ridge Pottery up coming art shows


I hope your summer is going well! We have two art shows this month! For both of these shows I will be bringing a large selection of my kiln-fired clay pendants and earrings, as well as leather, cotton & ribbon cords.

The first is at Artisans Cove in Hampton Cove on Friday, July 10th from 4 - 8 pm. There will be several artists showing their handwork plus herbs, fresh produce and food. Please see the attached flyer for more details. For a map to Artisans Cove, visit

The next Huntsville Sidewalk Arts Stroll is being held in and near the Constitution Village Thursday, July 16 from 4:30 - 8:30 pm. For more information and a map, visit

Please feel free to share this info with your friends!


Kathie Depew
Cotton Ridge Designs, LLC