Monday, September 21, 2009

Dara Murphy: Worship Painting

Update: This was a fun event. It was a delight to meet Dara. This is the picture that emerged from her worship painting, which was created while listening to worship music. One person in the audience mentioned they thought the finished artwork would be pretty a picture... but when you think about it... what Christ went through for us on the Cross... was not pretty... I think Dara captured the reality of such a sacrifice... in her bold colors and expression.

Dara Murphy is the Preteen Director at Hill Crest Baptist Church in Anniston, AL. If you would like for Dara to paint a worship painting for your group, please contact Dara at: (256) 238-9600 or

We have asked Dara to be a featured artist on the Ascribing Artists blog. Look for details soon.

Come see the paint flow

The picture emerge

And feel the message

Dara Murphy will do a live painting before your eyes. She has entertained groups of 3000-5000 yet she is delighted to come to a small group at Willowbrook Baptist.

You are invited to join too!
Tuesday, September 22 at 10 am

Contact Information:
Doug Merchant
Minister to Mature Adults
256.883.LIFE, ext. 155

Willowbrook Baptist Church

7625 Bailey Cove Road

Huntsville, AL 35802

(256) 883-0907

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art news about: Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists

'Joy will be our goal' at studio
Saturday, September 19, 2009
Huntsville Times

The leap of faith Carole Esk'ridge is taking astounds even her, and she is a woman of unbelievable faith.

At the end of the month, Esk'ridge is leaving the historic Russel Erskine, the former hotel that's now an apartment building for the elderly and disabled, which has been her home for 22 years.

She's selling or giving away her possessions, and the 62-year-old is going to live with a family in Hanceville. There she plans to open the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists for creative types like her who struggle with mental illness: "Joy," she said, "will be our goal."

Esk'ridge said she has a spot in mind for the academy near the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and it will be part home, part refuge and part art studio.

"It will be a place where those who can't do certain normal functions can live in hope, surrounded by a loving atmosphere, with healthy food and a clean environment," she said. "A place where the whole person - mind, body, soul and personality - will be cared for with love and desire to understand the needs of each artist.

"It will be a convent, almost, but for lay people."

She's not certain how she'll fund this academy.

"God will provide," she said. "It sounds strange in this day and age, but I believe in God, and I believe He answers prayers.


Contact Carole Esk'ridge about her efforts and find out how you can be involved at or

If you would like to support the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists please send donations made out to "Visionary Guild Grant Fund" Treasurer, Ann Denbo at 2304 Brookside Drive, Decatur, AL 35601.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Monte Sano Art Show TOMORROW

Huntsville will celebrate the arts at the 11th annual outdoor Monte Sano Art Show held atop Monte Sano Mountain Saturday, September 19 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. More than 160 artists and crafts people from the southeast will exhibit and sell their works. Admission is free. Parking is $4.

Guests will enjoy the original works of art as well as live music, food, an area just for the kids and the wonderful views of the Tennessee Valley! There is something for everyone! In addition to the artists booths, there will be artist demonstrations throughout the day. Russell Everett whose studio is in Roanoke, Alabama will judge this invitational show.

Local artist Debra Simpson conceived the art show. Debra believes the outdoor beauty of Monte Sano in the fall is a perfect place to view excellent art. She remembers one of the first southeastern outdoor shows called "Plum Nellie" held on the border of Tennessee and Georgia near Chattanooga. It became an annual pilgrimage for art enthusiasts. Debra wants a tradition to continue here on Monte Sano. She has sought out key artists from all over the southeast. Debra is an oil painter. Her works have been shown internationally and have won awards at the French-USA competition in portraiture.

This year's featured artists will include Daniel Hessler and Sloane Bibb and this year's emerging artists will include Rachel Lackey and Rachael Gutierrex Horn.

Musicians will perform throughout the day.

Follow the signs on Monte Sano Mt. to enjoy this wonderful event on September 19. For information online, visit

(Excerpts taken from Valley Planet 2003 article and updated for 2009.)

Art News and Praise from Linda Morton

"Radial" by Linda Morton, copyright

The piece I entered in the Bosque Art Classic in Clifton, TX was sold on opening night. This years show featured 143 pieces of art from 95 artists. The 143 pieces were chosen from 968 entries, the 24th Annual Bosque Art Classic juried art show opened Saturday, September 12, at the Bosque Art Center with approximately 240 people attending, 41 participating artists traveled from several states and within Texas to attend the opening night festivities. Unfortunately I could not attend but was ecstatic to learn that my colored pencil painting Radial had been sold. The Lord was smiling down on me and my work I pray that it will continue, but if it doesn't I'll just keep working and giving Him credit.

To view Linda Morton's artwork visit her website at:

Wendy Allison's website added to Ascribing Artists Art Blog links

"and He Bade the Storm be Still" Psalm 107:29 by by Wendy Allison, copyright Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 36 SOLD

Ascribing Artists is delighted to add Wendy Allison's website to the artists links. Please visit at:

Watch for Wendy's upcoming featured artist spot on the Ascribing Artists art blog.

Wendy will also be a the Monte Sano Art Show this weekend. Stop by and and tell her Hi!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amy Crews' website

We are delighted to add Amy Crews' artist link to the Ascribing Artist blog. Please visit her website at or her facebook.

We have invited Amy to be a featured artist on the Ascribing Artist blog. Look for her upcoming highlight. She will share her journey of circumstances that lead her to her passion of creating art and ultimately knowing "God is in control".

Angel's Island Coffee House "Call for Artists"

Angel's Island Coffee shop to feature local artists artwork on a monthly rotation.

Owner, Angel Wright notes "We are always looking for new artist for our wall. It is free and we try and feature a new artist every month".

For more info about this great opportunity call (256)319-3424 or visit Angel's Island Coffee website:

Angel's Island Coffee has been named the best coffee in northeast Alabama in The Times' Readers Choice 2009 Awards. breaking/2009/09/angels_island_coffee_named_bes.html

Angel's Island Coffee, 7538 S. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL,, (256)319-3424 or visit:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News Article: Athens On the Square

Art to have its day on Athens square

Wednesday, September 09, 2009
By Victoria Cumbow
Times Staff Writer

Event set for Saturday (9/12/09) promises lots of choices for visitors to see, buy

Downtown Athens will be bustling with people Saturday as the Duck Run 5K and Art on the Square take over a few blocks.

More than 55 artists will be featured this year during the art event. Diane Lehr, Art on the Square board member, said applicants doubled this year. The board brought in independent art professors to choose which artists will be showcased.

"We hired an independent panel from the region," Lehr said. "They have nothing to do with our board."

She said by doing this, it gives a more varied choice of artists for spectators to see.

The day "is totally dedicated to art," Lehr said. "Everything from painting to throwing clay on the wheel to beaded necklaces."


More about Art On the Square:

Artist Betty Burchfield honored in You Tube Video

Betty Burchfield sent the attached link below. It features her painting of Oksana and the sculpted doll she also created of the concert artist.

From Betty:

Such a marvelous experience getting to know Oksana and her husband, Alex. At first I was so nervous having such a famous concert artist and composer in my home. When I went to the the door, there she stood ...... wearing blue jeans. She and Alex just made themselves at home and we bonded immediately. I made a replica doll of her in this red gown she is wearing.
Just another one of the blessings God has attached to the gifts He has given me.

God bless

Betty Burchfield
"Little Reb"

Road to Light by Oksana

Athens, AL: Art On The Square Sept. 12

Click on image for larger view or visit:

Click on image for larger view or visit

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Featured Artist: S. Renee Prasil

"NCAC Vessel" by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

"Children" Pencil, by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

"David's Table" by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

"Birth of the Blues" Triptych, by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

From fine art to functional art, the talents of S. Renee Prasil have been commissioned for various organizations, businesses, and homes across the United States. Murals, tiles, vessels, sculptures, portraits, landscapes-Renee works in clay, paint, found objects, and more.

Recent highlights-
-20th Anniversary "Relay for Life" poster for the American Cancer Society Huntsville
-'Panoply of the Arts' poster artist
-City of Huntsville's bicenntenial celebration (TAC Rocket)
-"Happy Child"TM vessel creator. In collaboration with local potter, Conrad Lippert, the first two limited edition (2005,2006) profits were donated to the National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC).
-'Casual for a Cause' designer (United Cerebral Palsy Huntsville) 2006/2007
-Sculpture Wall design (United Cerebral Palsy Hsv Admin Bldg). This work, of clay and glazes, is in collaboration with the clients of UCP under her guidance.

Renee has received awards and acknowledgements locally and regionally for her art in paint and in clay. Most recently, some of her work toured the state of Alabama and exhibited at the State Capitol. Alabama Governor Bob Riley has one of her clay pieces, "King Cotton and Butterfly Queen", which exhibited at HAL's "Unique Views of Huntsville III" (Huntsville Museum of Art 2007).

She shares her art as both a professional artist and as an arts educator. Other accomplishments:
-began the Art Ministry at Whitesburg Baptist Church (WBC) in 2001 with Debbie Milner, Recreation Minister
-developed and began the popular Hampton Cove Elementary "Cove Art League'.
-develops original teaching plan/projects for adults and children with challenges as a Teaching Artist with VSArts of Alabama (Birmingham)

Renee hopes to always continue learning about art and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with others as an arts instructor with
-the Huntsville Museum of Art
-the Huntsville Art League (HAL)
-VSA Arts of Alabama
-Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, AL
-and others

She also offers private and semi-private classes and pARTies to encourage others interested in art.

Renee is a true "synesthete", a condition which allows her to experience other senses in a 'visual' manner. "I am visually oriented: I feel in color. This passion for art is a gift which continues to drive my life, and I am forever grateful. The individuals that art has brought me into contact with-fellow artists, collectors, students-have greatly enriched my life. It is the 'richness of existence', the joy from the simple, everyday things, that I wish to share through my art".

Often hidden information is included in her pieces. Since the late 1990's, the initials "TYG" are found in her art. People who have noticed these letters have sometimes assumed they represent a collaborating artist. They are correct, in a way. As a 'natural' artist (she decries the term 'self-taught'), she believes that "talent is a gift from God". "TYG" is her acknowledgement (as well as her personal reminder!)-'Thank You, God' and "To Your Glory'.

Asked what Renee's favorite verse was and why she responded with:

The verse "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; " Colossians 3:23 KJV is the verse that I took as 'mine' after acknowledging that my talents are a gift from God and not the result of 'my endeavors' alone. This is also when I began adding the initials "TYG" to the art. It is also the verse I currently use at work, (Whitesburg Baptist Church) as an integral part of my signature.

Side note: My initial 'paraphrase' of this verse or 'Internalization" of it, was "And whatsoever you do with your hands, do it heartily, as if to God and not to men…”. I now read it with emphasis on the ‘whatsoever’-meaning more than just what I do with my hands-“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord”, etc. And I am but a weak and puny human, and fall all too short of this reach more often than not. Which is one of the reasons why it is a ‘good thing’ to have a ‘signature verse’ for daily living-it is there as a reminder for ME more than as an encouragement for others!

Contact info-

Art and Info website will be available soon-
Renee currently shows and sells artwork through the Huntsville Art League and Zazzy's/InteriorMarketPlace. She may also be contacted directly at 256-533-7329.

Featured Artist: Diane Lehr

"Blue Moon" by Diane Lehr", copyright

A Collage of "Friend's Journey", "Forgiving Flight" and "Running through Flowers and Dreaming of You" by Diane Lehr, copyright

"Friends Journey" by Diane Lehr, copyright

Diane Lehr

The Art Of " Diane too"

Some call my work "sweet" and "child-like" and I consider that the ultimate compliment. As a young girl, the stained glass windows I saw in a small Catholic church in Memphis Tennessee, intrigued and mystified me. Those moments I spent in that quiet little church gave me courage and hope as I prayed for things beyond my reach. I felt at home in the churches I attended and found refuge from the storms that were part of life. I came to love a most poignant verse painted on a wall in that small church that stands today as a testament to my art, and to my life. It was from the book of Matthew and part of it said,
"..Unless you become as little children, you will never know the Kingdom of Heaven."

The symbols of my childhood dreams live on in my art, representing the hope of a little girl in a seemingly overwhelming world. In my work there will always be evidence of charity, compassion, strength, freedom and love. The stars, of course, represent all wishes, hopes and dreams. The horses are strength and freedom. The birds represent our guides in moments of doubt. And of course, you will always recognize the symbols of God’s love. These are also representative symbols of my becoming me.

As an adult, I worked over twenty-five years as an RN, primarily with pediatric patients.
I have traveled extensively seeking opportunities for artistic study and expression. I lived in Europe and studied the "classics" throughout Germany, France and Italy. After living in Europe, I moved to New Mexico and fell in love with the land and its diversity of people and cultures. It was there that I studied the devotional art created by the santeros of New Mexico. Their style became an inspiration for much of my work as it represented their homage to the spiritual traditions of "old Europe" and "new Mexico." In this place of light and sky, also known as the land of enchantment, my work evolved into a reverential yet joyous medium which I hope will inspire spaces of heartfelt devotion in each of you.

Diane’s work is currently shown at “diane’s” and Overton Park Gallery in Memphis or can be obtained by contacting Diane at
She will also have her work available at Art On The Square, on September 12, in Athens, AL.

Featured Artist: Linda Morton

"Picnic Basket" by Linda Morton, copyright
"Watch Tower" by Linda Morton, copyright
"Inflight Refueling" by Linda Morton, copyright

Artist Statement: Linda Morton

Each of us, in our art, has a special gift that must be shared with others to expand the limits of human awareness.

I only have a High School Education, I'm not versed in theology or psychology and I'm not an eloquent speaker, that's not the gift I was given. All I can do is speak from my heart. It my sound childish or corny to say that I try and turn my art over to the Lord, and this is especially true when I do a portrait of a deceased loved one, but if we can turn our lives over to God why not my art.
When I start a piece of art I try, but don't always remember, to begin with a prayer, being human I sometimes forget and when I do I'm sure He understands, but I try. I do this so that each piece is dedicated to Him, and I ask that He take over, after all its His gift I'm just the instrument if it wasn't for Him I wouldn't have it in the first place. When the piece is finished I also sign the piece using a cross instead of a t in my last name, again as a sign that this piece is dedicated to Him. I didn't do this when I first started doing artwork I have come to this over time just like my artwork has grown so has my faith but this is the way it should be we aren't born fully developed and neither is our faith it grows and develops and hopefully we arrive where the Lord planned for us to be.

Bible Verse:
Revelations 21:5
The One who sat on the throne said to me, "See, I make all thing new!"
To me this verse is so true we see it each spring with the rebirth of nature and if you think about it with the birth of every child mankind is made new and we ourselves are made new every time we ask and are given forgiveness, not because we earned it, but because God loves us so much, He is always willing and ready to forgive.

I can be reached at always to sure to state that you are writing about my art in the subject, since my husband has a habit of deleting emails from people he doen't know to view more of my artwork go to my website