Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Artist Betty Burchfield honored in You Tube Video

Betty Burchfield sent the attached link below. It features her painting of Oksana and the sculpted doll she also created of the concert artist.

From Betty:

Such a marvelous experience getting to know Oksana and her husband, Alex. At first I was so nervous having such a famous concert artist and composer in my home. When I went to the the door, there she stood ...... wearing blue jeans. She and Alex just made themselves at home and we bonded immediately. I made a replica doll of her in this red gown she is wearing.
Just another one of the blessings God has attached to the gifts He has given me.

God bless

Betty Burchfield
"Little Reb"

Road to Light by Oksana

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  1. Very nice Reb You deserve the reconition. You are a great Artist, Your friend Ellaine