Saturday, September 5, 2009

Featured Artist: Linda Morton

"Picnic Basket" by Linda Morton, copyright
"Watch Tower" by Linda Morton, copyright
"Inflight Refueling" by Linda Morton, copyright

Artist Statement: Linda Morton

Each of us, in our art, has a special gift that must be shared with others to expand the limits of human awareness.

I only have a High School Education, I'm not versed in theology or psychology and I'm not an eloquent speaker, that's not the gift I was given. All I can do is speak from my heart. It my sound childish or corny to say that I try and turn my art over to the Lord, and this is especially true when I do a portrait of a deceased loved one, but if we can turn our lives over to God why not my art.
When I start a piece of art I try, but don't always remember, to begin with a prayer, being human I sometimes forget and when I do I'm sure He understands, but I try. I do this so that each piece is dedicated to Him, and I ask that He take over, after all its His gift I'm just the instrument if it wasn't for Him I wouldn't have it in the first place. When the piece is finished I also sign the piece using a cross instead of a t in my last name, again as a sign that this piece is dedicated to Him. I didn't do this when I first started doing artwork I have come to this over time just like my artwork has grown so has my faith but this is the way it should be we aren't born fully developed and neither is our faith it grows and develops and hopefully we arrive where the Lord planned for us to be.

Bible Verse:
Revelations 21:5
The One who sat on the throne said to me, "See, I make all thing new!"
To me this verse is so true we see it each spring with the rebirth of nature and if you think about it with the birth of every child mankind is made new and we ourselves are made new every time we ask and are given forgiveness, not because we earned it, but because God loves us so much, He is always willing and ready to forgive.

I can be reached at always to sure to state that you are writing about my art in the subject, since my husband has a habit of deleting emails from people he doen't know to view more of my artwork go to my website

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