Saturday, September 5, 2009

Featured Artist: S. Renee Prasil

"NCAC Vessel" by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

"Children" Pencil, by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

"David's Table" by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

"Birth of the Blues" Triptych, by S. Renee Prasil, copyright

From fine art to functional art, the talents of S. Renee Prasil have been commissioned for various organizations, businesses, and homes across the United States. Murals, tiles, vessels, sculptures, portraits, landscapes-Renee works in clay, paint, found objects, and more.

Recent highlights-
-20th Anniversary "Relay for Life" poster for the American Cancer Society Huntsville
-'Panoply of the Arts' poster artist
-City of Huntsville's bicenntenial celebration (TAC Rocket)
-"Happy Child"TM vessel creator. In collaboration with local potter, Conrad Lippert, the first two limited edition (2005,2006) profits were donated to the National Children's Advocacy Center (NCAC).
-'Casual for a Cause' designer (United Cerebral Palsy Huntsville) 2006/2007
-Sculpture Wall design (United Cerebral Palsy Hsv Admin Bldg). This work, of clay and glazes, is in collaboration with the clients of UCP under her guidance.

Renee has received awards and acknowledgements locally and regionally for her art in paint and in clay. Most recently, some of her work toured the state of Alabama and exhibited at the State Capitol. Alabama Governor Bob Riley has one of her clay pieces, "King Cotton and Butterfly Queen", which exhibited at HAL's "Unique Views of Huntsville III" (Huntsville Museum of Art 2007).

She shares her art as both a professional artist and as an arts educator. Other accomplishments:
-began the Art Ministry at Whitesburg Baptist Church (WBC) in 2001 with Debbie Milner, Recreation Minister
-developed and began the popular Hampton Cove Elementary "Cove Art League'.
-develops original teaching plan/projects for adults and children with challenges as a Teaching Artist with VSArts of Alabama (Birmingham)

Renee hopes to always continue learning about art and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with others as an arts instructor with
-the Huntsville Museum of Art
-the Huntsville Art League (HAL)
-VSA Arts of Alabama
-Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, AL
-and others

She also offers private and semi-private classes and pARTies to encourage others interested in art.

Renee is a true "synesthete", a condition which allows her to experience other senses in a 'visual' manner. "I am visually oriented: I feel in color. This passion for art is a gift which continues to drive my life, and I am forever grateful. The individuals that art has brought me into contact with-fellow artists, collectors, students-have greatly enriched my life. It is the 'richness of existence', the joy from the simple, everyday things, that I wish to share through my art".

Often hidden information is included in her pieces. Since the late 1990's, the initials "TYG" are found in her art. People who have noticed these letters have sometimes assumed they represent a collaborating artist. They are correct, in a way. As a 'natural' artist (she decries the term 'self-taught'), she believes that "talent is a gift from God". "TYG" is her acknowledgement (as well as her personal reminder!)-'Thank You, God' and "To Your Glory'.

Asked what Renee's favorite verse was and why she responded with:

The verse "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; " Colossians 3:23 KJV is the verse that I took as 'mine' after acknowledging that my talents are a gift from God and not the result of 'my endeavors' alone. This is also when I began adding the initials "TYG" to the art. It is also the verse I currently use at work, (Whitesburg Baptist Church) as an integral part of my signature.

Side note: My initial 'paraphrase' of this verse or 'Internalization" of it, was "And whatsoever you do with your hands, do it heartily, as if to God and not to men…”. I now read it with emphasis on the ‘whatsoever’-meaning more than just what I do with my hands-“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord”, etc. And I am but a weak and puny human, and fall all too short of this reach more often than not. Which is one of the reasons why it is a ‘good thing’ to have a ‘signature verse’ for daily living-it is there as a reminder for ME more than as an encouragement for others!

Contact info-

Art and Info website will be available soon-
Renee currently shows and sells artwork through the Huntsville Art League and Zazzy's/InteriorMarketPlace. She may also be contacted directly at 256-533-7329.


  1. Renee, I enjoyed reading your testimony of a your "God Given Talent".

    Your work is astounding.

    I also have a God given talent and God has blessed me so much. He has opened doors that I would never have dreamed of.

    HE IS SO GOOD. He gives us a talent and what we do with that talent is our gift to HIM.

    Keep up the good work.

    Betty Burchfield, Artist

  2. Why do you use "S. Renee" as your name instead of your first name ? How do you teach so many art classes ?

    1. Sorry that she hasn't gotten back to you on this yet.

      It's her signature. She doesn't "Use S. Renee as her name" she just signs that way. She goes by her middle name (Renee), which I think is why she signs that way. (Where most people would sign as Marissa A. Smith, because they go by their first name, she signs as M. Anne Smith, because she goes by her middle name. [Just an example.])