Saturday, September 5, 2009

Featured Artist: Diane Lehr

"Blue Moon" by Diane Lehr", copyright

A Collage of "Friend's Journey", "Forgiving Flight" and "Running through Flowers and Dreaming of You" by Diane Lehr, copyright

"Friends Journey" by Diane Lehr, copyright

Diane Lehr

The Art Of " Diane too"

Some call my work "sweet" and "child-like" and I consider that the ultimate compliment. As a young girl, the stained glass windows I saw in a small Catholic church in Memphis Tennessee, intrigued and mystified me. Those moments I spent in that quiet little church gave me courage and hope as I prayed for things beyond my reach. I felt at home in the churches I attended and found refuge from the storms that were part of life. I came to love a most poignant verse painted on a wall in that small church that stands today as a testament to my art, and to my life. It was from the book of Matthew and part of it said,
"..Unless you become as little children, you will never know the Kingdom of Heaven."

The symbols of my childhood dreams live on in my art, representing the hope of a little girl in a seemingly overwhelming world. In my work there will always be evidence of charity, compassion, strength, freedom and love. The stars, of course, represent all wishes, hopes and dreams. The horses are strength and freedom. The birds represent our guides in moments of doubt. And of course, you will always recognize the symbols of God’s love. These are also representative symbols of my becoming me.

As an adult, I worked over twenty-five years as an RN, primarily with pediatric patients.
I have traveled extensively seeking opportunities for artistic study and expression. I lived in Europe and studied the "classics" throughout Germany, France and Italy. After living in Europe, I moved to New Mexico and fell in love with the land and its diversity of people and cultures. It was there that I studied the devotional art created by the santeros of New Mexico. Their style became an inspiration for much of my work as it represented their homage to the spiritual traditions of "old Europe" and "new Mexico." In this place of light and sky, also known as the land of enchantment, my work evolved into a reverential yet joyous medium which I hope will inspire spaces of heartfelt devotion in each of you.

Diane’s work is currently shown at “diane’s” and Overton Park Gallery in Memphis or can be obtained by contacting Diane at
She will also have her work available at Art On The Square, on September 12, in Athens, AL.

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  1. I have a few pieces of Diane's work, and so does some of my family members. She's a beautiful person, with a beautiful spirit and it shows through in her art.