Monday, December 7, 2009

Featured Artist: William Lipscomb

"Bread and Wine" by William Lipscomb, copyright

"Out of Zion" by William Lipscomb, copyright

"Jesus" by William Lipscomb, copyright

"Melekh" by William Lipscomb, copyright

Artist, William Lipscomb

While growing up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I always knew I had a gift of expressing myself through visual images and creative artwork. It wasn’t until my second year of college that I began to develop this gift and believe that it would lead me to future careers. As a Christian, I use art to communicate to others how my work is directly influenced by my relationship to the Lord. For me, art is a way to communicate to others the things in life that I deem important without using a written language. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I like to use a variety of mediums for my work, some of which, to the average person, may seem odd. Much of my work includes transforming common, “everyday” items, such as food, into uncommon and original artwork. I try to work with mediums that are familiar to people and alter them in such a way that a person would have to inspect the art very closely to recognize exactly what it’s made out of. Some people reject artwork because they cannot find a way to relate to it. However, if they can find a common ground between the work and themselves, then they are very likely to open up.

My work is playful and energetic; a style that mirrors my personality. The time spent creating a work tends to display the passion of the artist. My ambitions are to have my works displayed in different galleries and museums for people to view and discuss. I hope to challenge the stereotypes that so burden both art and artists in hopes that it will result in opening the minds of the public to new ideas. I love to travel and get most of my ideas when visiting different places that open my eyes to new ways of life.

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