Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Portrait by Betty Burchfield: Fantasy

Art News from Betty Burchfield:

As an Ascribing Artist, I try to give all the credit to God for the gift of art that He has given me. This painting will stand out in my memory as giving back to God the gift He gave me. Making people happy is what it is all about.


Ron and Nancy were 19 years old when they got married and very much in love. The wedding was very small as there was no one there other than the couple, the preacher and his wife as witness.. They got married without the blessing of her parents. They were married 38 years when Nancy went to be with Jesus.
One of the memories of the wedding made Ron sad. Nancy didn’t have a wedding gown! He regretted not being able to buy her one.

Between the two of us, we created this painting of Nancy in a beautiful gown and veil in front of a stained glass window such as one might see in a church. The title of this painting is “Fantasy”. His response was “this painting completed the fantasy I have of her as my Bride in an exotic bridal gown which I feel she was cheated of.

The most rewarding feeling that I have in painting is making somebody happy. Ron has since become a good friend of mine and I love to hear his memories of he and his Nancy. I’m sure that Nancy never regretted not having a wedding gown as the love that her husband gave her was more than sufficient to her. He still wears her wedding ring on a gold chain around his neck. She remains in his heart and he knows that some day they will be together in Heaven and …. LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER….


"Fantasy" by Betty Burchfield, copyright

Artist, Betty Burchfield aka a Little Reb
Capture memories, moments and life into an oil painting

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