Saturday, January 3, 2009

Call for "Ascribing Artists"

WHO: Calling all artists who wish to give the Lord praise for their talent and artwork.

WHAT: Empty Tomb Graphics would like to add you to the ASCRIBING ARTIST network. It is a collection of artists who desire to "Ascribe to the Lord the Glory due His name". Ascribing Artists recognize that anything they do pales in comparison to the Glory of the Lord. They give credit for their talent and artwork to the only ONE worthy of praise.

Inspired by Psalm 29, we are to be "A Reflection of His Glory" in all that we do.

1 ASCRIBE TO the Lord, O sons of the mighty, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. 2 Give to the Lord the glory due to His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness or in holy array.

WHY: As a part of this creative ministry, Ascribing Artists will be an avenue to bring together other artists with this same belief and offer art created by these artists as a way to "Ascribe to the LORD." Ascribing Artists will also have the opportunity to be an avenue to teach design and illustration classes to youth as a way to reclaim a medium that has all but lost its focus to"Ascibe to the LORD."

WHERE: To learn more about this opportunity please visit Empty Tomb Graphics at or contact Paul LaBathe at 256.874.2471 or


1) Brief description of your work, media, style, approach, etc.
2) A couple samples of your work, say no larger than 600 pixels vertically or horizontally
3) Contact information and/or link to your website

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