Friday, January 2, 2009

WorldCrafts- helping around the world artists in poverty

Located in Birmingham, AL, WorldCrafts is a ministry of Women's Mission Union

WorldCrafts is nonprofit and imports handcrafts from countries around the world and markets them in the US. When you purchase WorldCrafts you:

Assist more than 60 artisan groups (women and men) around the world who live in poverty in providing for their families.
Support artisan groups while buying meaningful gifts for your family and friends.
WorldCrafts abides by and requires all partnering artisan groups to abide by Fair Trade Federation guidelines.

Andrea Mullins, WorldCrafts director, explains the importance of fair trade. "The fact that WorldCrafts is a fair trade company adds value to our products. We commit to pay artisans a fair price that covers not only their costs, but also insures sustainable production. We encourage artisans to set prices that allow them to invest in the growth of their business. We provide partial advance on payments to the artisans that allows them to hire more people and purchase the raw materials needed. We are committed to our artisans for the long term to maintain certain levels of product orders, investing in product development for long-term planning as well as sustainable production practices. These standards guarantee impoverished families hope for a better life."

For more information, or for information on how to become a WorldCrafts artisan group, please e-mail us at, write to us at 100 Missy Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242, or call 1-800-968-7301.

WorldCrafts is a ministry of Women's Mission Union

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