Monday, November 1, 2010

Featured Artist: Doris Sisk

"Beyond Earth" by Doris Sisk, copyright
(Watercolor Society of Alabama National Show Past President's Award 2010)

"Sunset on the Bay" by Doris Sisk, copyright

"The Red Line" by Doris Sisk, copyright
(Awarded ribbon at the Unique Views Exhibit 2010)

Doris Sisk

Since retiring from a career in real estate I have had the opportunity to pursue art and I have found painting is my passion. It gives me so much joy. To paint my vision I experiment with color and texture. The possibilities are limitless when I can combine acrylics, watercolor, inks, mediums and found objects. The experimentation is fun and the end result can be exciting or a complete mess! When I begin a painting I usually do not have a plan for the finished piece. I begin to layer the paint there are usually several layers in a painting. Some of the first layers will show through to the last layer. The painting itself usually tells me when I am finished with it.

Most of my paintings are abstract or non representational. I love to travel and take lots of pictures. I use these pictures and my memories of things I have seen to inspire my work. I continue taking workshops to explore new techniques and to expand my expertise in creating new art.

God, and his son Christ Jesus have meant so much to me and I have tried to live my life according to 1 Peter 4:10. Each one should use whatever gift he received to serve others, faithfully, administering God’s grace in its various forms.

Doris Sisk
Huntsville, Al


  1. Doris, Your paintings are bold and beautiful. I love how you experiment with color and texture layer upon layer! G Hurst

  2. Wow what an encouragement to me ur work. I see a lot of freedom and joy in all those layers. I live your boldness to mix and experiment.

  3. What an encouragement your work is to me. I can see a lot of freedom and joy in all those layers. Looks fun. I love your boldness to mix and experiment.

  4. Hi Doris, I'm Dave Steelman and my mother is Betty Burchfield on here. Just wanted to say hi as I new you when you were in real estate. I still am and am having a really hard time! Any tips?

    Dave Steelman

  5. I should have put my email in, sorry, it's