Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art News from Ascribing Artist Vicki Garner

Hey everyone,

Time for a few updates on my art work:

1. I have been doing a few pet portraits lately and thought that maybe some of you may be interested in a portrait of your pet. I have updated my website (see link below) to include samples of some of the pets I have painted and my pricing. Just click on the button that says Pet Portraits.

2. I will be at First Fridays in Florence next Friday, April 1st. My booth is right across from Rosie's Cantina on Court Street. Hope to see some of you there.

3. I have set some artistic goals for myself this year to paint some landscapes that are not my usual subject matter. I have completed two of those goals so far....a storm scene and a snow scene, both of which you can find on the landscape page of my website. Next up will be an urban scene from Beale Street in Memphis, which I visited for the first time this month. I hope to complete a nocturnal landscape and a rainy day scene later on in the year. Stay tuned!
Check out the website!



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