Friday, July 1, 2011

Featured Artist: Laura Willingham Walker

"Alabama's Upheaval" by Laura Walker, copyright
"Rev.1 Radiant Woman" by Laura Walker, copyright
"Summer's Bounty" by Laura Walker, copyright 

Featured Artist: Laura Willingham Walker

I am an artist from Cullman, AL.  I was raised by a professional artist and a professional musician, so art has been my life.  My family had a strong faith in God, a joy that they passed on to me along with music and art.  I run Shop Around the Corner, a gallery and working studio in Cullman, AL.  My mother, Pam Willingham, and I give art classes for children and adults at this shop, carry our fine art and local jewelry, and we have a pottery studio and teacher.  I enjoy teaching, but my dream is to illustrate books and do fine art full time.  I have illustrated 6 books so far, the life of Jesus and the book of Revelation were done for  the Discovering God's Way Bible Studies series, and God Glasses For Kids has recently been published.  I love to paint portraits and people, and to try to help people visualize events from the Bible.  My website is and my business face book page is Laura's Art.

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