Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artist Donates Sales From Artwork to Help Friend

"Handel's Heart" by Mary Margaret Holmes, copyright

Mary Margaret Holmes wanted to share this with the Ascribing Artist Blog:

In July 2008 I was in wal-mart in Winona, Ms and I looked up to see a familiar face. It was Troy Wiltshire. He was wearing his famous smile and memories of He and I back in high school came flooding back. Troy was 2 years ahead of me and he might as well have been my brother. We quickly became fast friends and hung out until he graduated and went on to become a success in college. I hadn't seen Troy in a while but our friendship has never wavered. After college Troy married a wonderful girl, Amanda, and they have the most beautiful one year old daughter, Kaylyn Rose. Troy got to meet my husband and one year old son that day in wal-mart and we hope to schedule a play date with our kids when Troy is better. You see, 2 weeks after our visit, Troy's life was rocked by shocking news. He had Acute Myeloid Leukemia....and it was bad. As a pharmacist, I knew the consequences he faced and I fell to my knees and asked God to spare Troy.

We almost lost him the 1st month. But if you know Troy you know he is the definition of a fighter. Troy put his faith and trust in his God and we all waited patiently for good news. Then we got some. Troy desperatetly needed a bone marrow transplant to live and within no time God provided a perfect match for Troy. He and his family moved to Rochester, Minnesota for the operation in December 2008. So far the transplant was successful but he and his family are still in Minnesota where he can be under the care of some amazing doctors.

You see God has a plan for Troy and even though I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone, Troy has used it as a example to show others the mercy and love of our Lord. God has a perfect plan for all our lives if we are open to letting him work through us.....and that's were I come in. I had been praying diligently for Troy for some time when I felt God telling me I needed to do something else to help him. I was blessed with the talent of painting from a young age and had recently started my own website to try and sell my paintings for suplimental income so that my husband could stay home and keep my son while I was at work. God told me that he would provide for me and that I should take what God has given me and use it to help Troy. So I dedicated 100% of the profits from my website to Troy to help with medical expenses, cost of living, childcare, whatever.

Now I have 3 things to ask of you.
#1: PRAY! Pray that God comepletely heals Troy so that he can go about doing His work and being and example of faith and hope.

#2: Pray for my website that God will bless it and raise lots of money on Troy's behalf.

#3: Pray to God and if you feel led, consider purchasing a painting or a peice of jewelry. Not only will you be donating to a worthy cause but you get a one of a kind original artwork to show for your efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless your life with health and happiness. Go to to see what's available and check out to find updates on Troy's condition.

Your Sister in Christ,
Mary Margaret Holmes


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