Sunday, March 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Mary Margaret Holmes

"September Rush" by Mary Margaret Holmes, copyright

"Redemption" by Mary Margaret Holmes, copyright

"Handel's Heart" by Mary Margaret Holmes, copyright

"Let it be" by Mary Margaret Holmes, copyright

Mary Margaret Holmes- Artist Bio

There are moments in every person's life that inspires an artist to create. Whether it's something as simple as a tree blowing in the wind or as wonderfully complex as the birth of a child, all these defining moments, good and bad, inspire.

I am an oil and acrylic artist from McCarley, MS now based in Tuscumbia, AL. I am a self-taught artist concentrating on abstract, landscape, wildlife, and Christian subject matter among others. I began painting at a young age under the supervision of my grandmother, also a landscape artist. My artwork illustrates a variety of vibrant colors using traditional themes with a contemporary twist. I do not limit myself to a particular style or theme but paint what God puts on my heart.

I am also the designer of a unique line of handmade jewelry, called Eddie-Alice Jewelry, which is featured at Coldwater Books in Tuscumbia, AL. Eddie –Alice Jewelry is centered around colorful mussel shells gathered from the banks of our beautiful Tennessee River. I continue to expand my creative horizons through exploring Alabama’s natural beauty and using God-given resources and talent to do so.

I am a wife of 4 years to her amazing husband and a mother to the sweetest 1 year old a mother could ask for. The are truly my greatest inspiration.

I am currently dedicating 100% of the profits from her artwork to a dear friend battling leukemia, so please take a moment to check out my website and read my blog for more information on my friend Troy. Please pray for him and his family.

May God bless you and yours with health, happiness, and a heart to help others by using your amazing talents.


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