Sunday, March 1, 2009

Featured Artist: TK Selleck

"Dew Kissed" by TK Selleck, copyright

If I ever doubt that God loves me—all I have to do is look at nature. His beauty and love is shown in everyday things. This rose covered in dewdrops is outside my back door.
Man, with all our abilities, could never hope to achieve such greatness.

"Majestic Monarch" by TK Selleck, copyright

The butterfly does nothing to enhance its’ beauty—it is just itself. The butterfly does what God made it to do…be a butterfly. Yet when we look at it, we can see God’s glory.
When we are who God made us to be—we hope to reflect His glory.

"Sanctuary" by TK Selleck, copyright

When I first saw this sight, I felt a wave of peace wash over me. As I looked at the trees near the end of the water’s path, the morning light was pouring through the archway. The thought struck me that here was God’s natural sanctuary—a place to let your mind rest—a place where your soul could fill with peace—a place to feel God’s love. It’s moments like these that are forever ingrained on my soul.

TK Selleck

Artist Bio

"I want my work to reflect God's Majesty. There are so many things around us that we bypass in our hurried lives. We wonder where God is, when He's really been there the whole time. He sends a butterfly our way and we swat at it—it's a nuisance. We see raindrops on rose petals and wonder if we've packed our umbrella. We drive thru a beautiful mountain pass and wonder how much longer until we arrive.

How many times had I, in my hectic life, missed the beauty God had created? I began to make a point to notice them more. Now, I want to capture these endless, fascinating things so others can see God's majesty."

T K Selleck Photography: Revealing God's Majesty Thru Photography. Scriptures added to amazing landscapes, delicate flowers, and intricate butterfly scenes make TK Selleck's photos stand out as an intimate combination of the spiritual and visual. TK specializes in landscape and nature photography.

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