Sunday, March 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Amy McMullen

"Little Grasshopper" by Amy McMullen, copyright
"His Water Drops" by Amy McMullen, copyright
"Eye Candy" by Amy McMullen, copyright

Artist Bio

Hi! My name is Amy McMullen and I am a Freelance Photographer. I was born December 27th, 1975 in the beautiful state of Alabama, raised in a small town called Harvest. I graduated Sparkman High School at the tender age of 18. I soon became a millitary wife and young mother at the age of 19 while stationed at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, where I lived untill I was 28 years of age. I have always had a camera in hand and my love of photography has always been in my heart. I returned to my sweet home Alabama where my husband of 10 years passed away. My life was changed forever. I have remarried and we have added a beautful third daughter to our family. Where dose photography come in do you ask? After my third child was born, blood clots were to be found in my head, I was to remain in the hospital for three weeks, part of my stay, I was in a "deep sleep " for a week. I almost had a stoke the night I was brought in, to say the least, it was all very scary. After 7 months of treatment, I have recovered and no more blood clots! After such a scare, I have turned my love of taking pictures into my passion... it is a gift that God has given me. I have never had a class, nor have I read about or studied how to edit my work. I have great respect for those who have, I just know, this is my passion, and always has been. I am available for photo shoots. Please visit my website for examples of my Photo Art.

Contact info: or (256) 830-6942

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