Sunday, March 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Ann Hamilton

"Enchanted Gardens I" by Ann Hamilton, copyright
"American Eagle Flying Over the Grand Canyon" by Ann Hamilton, copyright
"Morning Awakening" by Ann Hamilton, copyright

Artist, Ann Hamilton

In the early part of my adult life I was blessed with being able to use my gift of writing to become editor of a small community newspaper. It was not until my husband died in 1981 that I enrolled in college and began the study of art. My plans were to become a school teacher in order to be able to spend more time with my young son, who was nine years old at the time of his father’s death. Instead, once I took my first art course I was captivated.
As a result of this I spent the next four years taking all of the art courses I could at Northeast Alabama Junior College, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, and finally, getting my degree at Athens State University. This experience was the beginning of my pursuit of seeing and expressing my self through art. This journey has immeasurably enhanced my life, and I hope the lives of others around me, especially the individuals who have taken my art classes and workshops. It has been them and others artists that have most inspired me to continue to seek the meaning of art, as well as to continue to grow as an artist.
I have become an experimentalist, both as an artist and as a teacher. My students say they have learned for more in seeing me work than they ever could have from my more traditional lessons. They learn not to be afraid; that it is alright to make mistakes, and that these mistakes may become their best paintings. Watching them grow as artists is as rewarding to me as developing as an artist myself. Landscapes are my favorite art subject. My memory and my imagination provide the reference material for most of these kinds of paintings. I begin them by deciding where the light will come from and what colors to use. Often, I establish the beginnings of a path as a focal point of the painting. After I have gone this far, I usually step away from the painting and begin a different process; that of attempting to see it separately from myself. Following this, I paint freely until I feel my imagination is exhausted. Then, the tough part starts - bringing the painting together with harmony until it feels complete. Four years of studying art while working on a degree gave me the techniques and skills that I needed to become a professional artist. Continuing lessons and attending workshops further helped me to gain confidence in myself and my work. I have taken numerous workshops. I now show in local shows, exhibitions, and galleries. This year (2009), I have decided to open The Art for Art Lovers Retreat in my 1890’s Victorian Home, I envision welcoming artists from far and wide to the experiences that this lovely home and my large art studio have played into the development of my self as an artist. The URL for the Retreat Web Site is:

ArtforArtLovers - 450 Elm St NW, Fort Payne, Al 35967-Phone: (256) 845 3398; Email:

Ann Hamilton

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