Sunday, May 24, 2009

Artists Link added: Robin Roberts

The Ascribing Artists blog would like to welcome artist, Robin Roberts! We have added her website to our artist links. Please check out her artwork at:

Robin also has a blog, Southern Painter, where she posts her weekly journal of oil painting.

If you visit, you will find this introduction:
Welcome to Southern Painter - my way to chat with you about the journey of painting in oils. I can tell you small stories of the paintings better than on the website. Painting for me is visual journaling. Like cutting wood, it warms twice. Once in the pleasure of accomplishing a nice record of what excites me, and once again to share with you the paintings. You get to see the way oil paintings progress, so you share in developing them. thanks!! Ps 96

Side note: The Ascribing Artists blog was delighted to see Robin's notation of Ps 96 and made an independent post at: Ascribe to the Lord

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