Sunday, May 31, 2009

Historical and Architectural Question about Huntsville, AL's First Baptist Church

"Jesus Mosaic" by Gordon Smith, Photo: Eric Shindelbower

We had a question submitted to the art blog from MB: "I have a question rather than a post. I was recently in Huntsville, doing some research at the library. I am a historian and architectural historian. I was struck by the First Baptist Church. Do you know how I can find out who designed it. Web searches have come up empty. Thanks!"

This is what we found on the church's website

Building Information

Have you ever wondered why the building of Huntsville's First Baptist Church is designed the way it is? There is a wonderful meaning behind the design of the church that was rebuilt in the 1960's.

The Sanctuary Design for Worship
Sanctuary Virtual Tour
The Mosaic on the front of the building
The Stained Glass Windows
48-Bell Carillon Steeple

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