Saturday, May 2, 2009

Featured Artist: Shawn Doughty

“Who, What and Where State Art” ALABAMA, by Shawn Doughty, copyright

“Who, What and Where State Art” GEORGIA, by Shawn Doughty, copyright

“Who, What and Where State Art” VIRGINIA, by Shawn Doughty, copyright


As a self taught artist I was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana which is an artist’s haven having produced several well known artists such as landscape artist Bob Ross and Garfield comic creator, Jim Davis.

As I grew up in Muncie it was impossible not to be influenced by these men’s work to some degree as I would often sit on the couch with my grandmother and watch Bob Ross paint his small little rocks and bushes as he talked to the audience in his soft Godly voice.

My grandparents were very Godly people who not only encouraged my artistic abilities as a young child but also had a large influence in displaying their strong Christian faith in front of me which eventually lead to my acceptance of Christ in my life.
Over the years I have experimented with many different art mediums which included woodworking, woodcarving and painting. However, my childhood love of illustrating reemerged in my twenties and I began to experiment with ink and colored pencils. It was at this time I began to write and illustrate small children’s books for my little niece and then was also invited to draw and write devotionals for our Sunday school class which would be posted once a week.

It wasn’t until about five years ago that God gave me the idea for the creation of the “Who, What and Where State Art” series while living in Lexington, Kentucky. From that one state it has now grown into six states which include Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia and Indiana. Each piece usually consists on average of twenty-five to thirty different scenes which takes nearly four to six month to research and create.

God has definitely blessed my work and has also given me a wonderful family. My wife has been extremely supportive and prays for God to bless my artwork daily. If it wasn’t for her prayers and help I could not juggle my full time job as a chemist and try to grow my art business on the side.

I also have a wonderful son who is beginning to grow in his appreciation of art and loves God dearly, having accepted Christ as his savior two years ago when he was five. For all of this I give God praise!

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