Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Featured Artist: Wendy Allison

"And He Bade the Storm Be Still" Psalm 107:29, by Wendy Allison, copyright

"Genesis One- And God Said, And there was" acrylic on canvas, by Wendy Allison, copyright

"In the Shelter of His Arms" acrylic and metal on wood, by Wendy Allison, copyright

"the voice of the Lord cries to the City" Micah 6:8 acrylic, ink and metal on wood by Wendy Allison, copyright

“We were created in the image of the Creator, that we might create” Edith Schaeffer

As people look at my art, I am often asked, "Where does your inspiration come from?" As I've pondered that question, several thoughts have come to mind. I am in complete agreement with Edith Schaeffer's biblical theme that as we have a Creator God, who created us in His image, so all we created beings have a need to create. That being said, I was raised in a home surrounded by the work of my Grandfather, Barse Miller, a world-renowned watercolorist. I have come to realize that the influence of his work on mine, while subconscious is real, and a part of God's plan for me. I also have realized that what I am painting evolves from what I do with my days. I spend a good bit of time studying God's word and teaching it weekly to several groups of women in a variety of settings. Out of my study and worship, comes my work, hence the biblical allusion found in most of my titles. I don't go into my studio with an agenda…I go with deadlines I've chosen to place myself under and then begin to "mess" with my materials and "see" what happens. It is just recently that someone pointed out that my work is reflective of my current study of God's word. I think they might be right, for none of us live in a vacuum. Each part of our lives touches the other, and certainly, my art is reflective of the touch of my Creator in my life. I hope as you view it, you will see in it the hand of the One who created me, that I might create.

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We asked Wendy what her favorite bible verse was and she responded with:

The verse I have written over our kitchen doorway is Jonah 2:8 "those who cling to worthless idols, forfeit the grace that could be theirs". We have it there to nudge our heats to daily consider the broken places we are tempted to run to for comfort and security, rather than into the arms of Jesus, resting in the security of His righteousness (the grace which is mine).

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  1. Great article! Wendy has always blessed me with her words...and her art.