Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Glamour Brush" Enhanced Portraits by Betty Burchfield

Before Photo

After Oil Painting

Art News from Betty Burchfield:

After seeing the look of approval on this sweet lady's face, I realized that our paint brushes can do the same as Glamour Shots did......Enhance the individual.

I asked Dr. Phil if he wanted me to redo the painting I did of him and Robin and give him some black curly hair. He laughed and said he would love that. Therefore, I am going to start advertising my "Glamour Brush".

(to see Betty Burchfield's painted portrait of Dr. Phil and wife Robin see 2/2008 art blog post:

"GLAMOUR SHOTS" put make up on, restyled hair and retouched wrinkles for their subjects... SO... why can't our paint brushes do the same!

This beautiful young lady worked with me on some changes on her Oil Painting of herself from this photo .. We did the following:

* Removed dark shadows under the eyes
* Added eyelashes
* Changed highlights in the eyes
* Softened beauty mark
* Brightened teeth
* Changed lip color to match with dress.
* Brought hair down on side of face in order to thin the neck and face.
* Softened wrinkles in neck, chin line and smile lines.
* Removed the deep line under the neck line.
* Added shadow under the chin to enhance neck.
* Cropped photo to make subject appear slimmer.
* Added an exciting background.

The painting still looks like Latonya but enhances some of her features. She was overjoyed when she saw the painting.

I have found that most people (especially ladies) like to see a photo of themselves that flatter them selves so why not have an oil painting that does the same.

See how our magic paint brushes can make subtle enhancements! I work from photographs and special requests are my specialty.

God gives each of a talent and what we do with it is our gift to Him. Making people happy is my way of giving back to Him.

Artist, Betty Burchfield aka Little Reb

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