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What is the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists?

From local artist and art advocate, Carole Esk'ridge: (and founder of the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists)

What is the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists?

An Academy inspired by the American Academy in Rome. It will not be focused on the academic status. It will be guided by talent and devotion of the Student to an art form(s) as a career. It will be a place to live and learn the Art forms the Student loves from dancing, to writing, to singing, to acting, to painting and beyond.

Who would qualify for entrance to the Academy?

The disabled who are physically, mentally and / or financially challenged, who are art career minded, who are hard workers, who passionately love creating, who have a body of work in an art form, who will listen to their teachers / mentors and work at learning and create a body of work while at a seminar or living at the Academy.

The Academy will be a place where?

Those who can't do certain normal functions can live in hope, surrounded by a loving atmosphere, with healthy food and a clean environment. The whole person: mind, body, soul and personality will be cared for with love and desire to understand the needs of each Artist.


Is not to compete with other education institutions in the academics but to embrace the disabled Artists with HOW TO KNOWLEDGE of their Art so that they can compete in the Arts. THE BEST TRAINING IS TO LEARN FROM THOSE WHO HAVE ACHIEVED SUCCESS IN THEIR ART. This must be done with disabilities taken into consideration from Savant to Folk Artists and those in between. If an individual has a disability they would be welcomed warmly. In the spirit that Mother Teresa of Calcutta greeted her beloved ones she cared for with reverence of the Christ within them. Such loving is our quest!


If you would like to support the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists please send donations made out to "Visionary Guild Grant Fund" Treasurer, Ann Denbo at 2304 Brookside Drive, Decatur, AL 35601.

Contact Carole Esk'ridge about her efforts and find out how you can be involved at or

A little bit about Carole Esk'ridge:

Ms. Eskridge is the visionary of the formation of the Academy of Internationally Enabled Artists. She founded the Visionary Guild for Mentally Ill Artists in 1991. She received a US Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

Ms. Esk'ridge's artwork is in the Birmingham Museum of Art collection. She has exhibited three times in jury art shows at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Her work can be found in the archives of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Ms. Esk'ridge is presently working on a large painting and a historic Pro-life novel.

Esk'ridge is the Mother of two adult daughters and will soon be the grandmother of two. She is 62 years old. She is a Catholic.

Carole Esk'ridge is donating 100% of the sale of her paintings to The Academy of International Enabled Artists. To view Carole's artwork please visit:

For more info about The Academy of Internationally Enables Artists or Carole Esk'ridges artwork please contact her at: (256) 429–8697 or

Read the Huntsville Times Article about The Academy of Internationally Enables Artists at:

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