Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ann Hamilton asks herself "what is 'truly' art?"

Art News from Ann Hamilton, Women of God Art Retreat

It always amazing me that most people with the means to purchase original art have their homes filled with cheap prints in audacious frames.

We can only guess as to which of today's art works will stand the test of time to become most valuable. However, one think I believe is that any reasonably good art is worth making it an investment. By virtue of longevity it will become more and more valuable.

Rarely do people consider that it is the emotions art evokes in them that causes them to purchase it. And it is this that gives art its personal value.

When viewing my art, the first thing people usually say about it is, "now, I like that." And, I'm usually amazed as the way they describe it, as well as what they see in it. One of the most important things I have learned from them is that there are as many people drawn to abstract art as there is realism.

Thinking about the emotions of art makes me ask myself; "what is 'truly' art?" My answer is that that is a new creation which is capable of bringing forth all of the emotions humans are capable of feeling.

Art speaks to us and to truly appreciate it, we need to keep an open mind about it. For example, if we have preconceived ideas about what art, we limit its value and what it can mean to us.

Another important thing about good art is that the artist need not be world-famous. After all, Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. Art collectors and the public mocked the impressionists. Even Michelangelo and Leonardo argued about whether or not sculptor or painting was the true art.

It is important that art be authenticated and its provenance known. For example, without knowing the names of the artists who created famous works of art as well as something about them where they came from, there are would be far less valuable. Instead of bringing millions of dollars there paintings would likely bring only thousands or perhaps, only hundreds. And the condition and quality of the work is important to its value.

Art's meaning to all of us is immeasurable but I hope this has enhanced your appreciation for it.

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