Friday, October 1, 2010

Featured Artist: Christina Wegman

"Coxcombs" by Christina Wegman, copyright

"The Wanderer" by Christina Wegman, copyright

"The Prophet of the Woods (Der Waldprophet)" by Christina Wegman, copyright

Christina Wegman

"Franz Marc once said that art was in many ways similar to religion; I tend to take this thought a step further by saying that art is an inherently spiritual activity. Even the seemingly ultra-modern abstractions of Kandinsky would not have been so movingly ethereal had it not been for his Russian Orthodox Christian beliefs and admiration of traditional Bavarian glass paintings (usually overtly Christian in theme), just as the spirituality of many other artists has inspired some of the most noble, magnificent works in history. While my paintings seldom depict concretely religious scenes, I am certain that they reflect the spirit and longing for greater good that comes from faith and meditation. They are explorations of the forming of the universe, an expression of awe at nature, a statement of desire to fully realize my surroundings, a quest to understand a universal order to things and people, and my way of translating such thoughts into a medium that can be understood by others. Many things in the world often seem to actively attempt to pull us away from God—anger, disappointments, educational trends, societal tensions, the cruelty that can manifest itself in human interactions—it is my time spent at the easel which brings me back to contemplations of divinity and of inner peace.

To read more about my day-to-day thoughts on art and my work, visit or; Also feel free to join the Facebook groups "Christina Wegman Paints" and "Tennessee Valley Art Talk" for information and conversation!"


  1. Christina, I just love the movement in your artwork! There are so many wonderful shapes that create a beautiful image! Gina

  2. Christina, you do beautiful work. I can see a design for stained glass windows in your art.
    Beautifully done. Your testimony about God is written so well. I bet you are also a writer.