Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Plans for You: 3) Journey of Focus

Greetings all!

In trying to imagine where the time has gone since August, I awake to discover myself wandering in the desert. I think to myself what good am I to God when I am wandering in the desert? Well, my first mistake is thinking that God needs me to do something because I am good. My second mistake is thinking the wilderness is meaningless.

God has detoured me from Paul in Acts to Hosea and there I find the answers to my folly. In Hosea chapter 14, which is an awesome depiction of God’s grace and restoration of the sinner, at the end of verse 8 it simply states, “from me comes your fruit.” Reminds me of our previous Cutting and Pruning devotions. Why do we think that we have something good to offer God when it is of our own making? We want to make our plans and ask God to bless them to His benefit thinking we know what is best. Wow. We can either ask Him to bless our plans and worry if they will work out or we can ask Him about His plans and know they are blessed! I want to find myself living daily in the latter.

My second assumption is proved to be folly in hearing God say through Hosea, “It is I who knew you in the wilderness, in the land of drought” That sounds rather basic and broad in God speaking to Israel, but the word “you” is singular in the Hebrew and focuses on the personal covenant relationship with his people or YOU! God not only knows you are in the wilderness as a place, but knows you personally, deeply, intimately, all your thoughts and intentions while in the wilderness. It is there where He works to refocus your heart, soul, mind and strength back on Him and His plans.

If you are found wandering in the wilderness today . . . give thanks, because God is close at hand. He is calling to you and me. May we respond. . .

Paul LaBathe

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