Friday, January 21, 2011

Huntsville Times- Kay Campbell Interviews Ascribing Artist Diane Lehr

Kay Campbell interview: Spiritual Journey: Diane Lehr
In Faith & Values Section of The Huntsville Times Friday, Jan.21,2011

ATHENS, AL -- Name: Diane Lehr

Faith home: I'm a Christian, but I find it difficult to tell people what church I attend, although I love my church very much. It's like telling people what team you are for and that immediately divides people.

Work: I spent over 25 years as an R.N., primarily pediatric. Currently, I am an artist and a community servant with two non-profit boards, Spirit of Athens for downtown revitalization and Art On the Square Arts League in Athens.

Role model: I have many role models. I believe that my taste and the art I create is eclectic, mixed media and child-like. Most of my role models have been more solid in their belief systems than I, and I have been inspired by them, without becoming them.
I believe we are all called to be who we are meant to be in God's purpose for us. Not God's general will, but personally for each one of us.

A tough time faith helped you through: My mother had cancer from 1997-1999. I would take charge, do all I could do to help, and then I'd say, "God, please please please... OK. Now I've got to do all these other things and then I'll get back to you, God."
I was with her through much suffering as she fought the disease. By May 1999, she was very sick from chemo and unable to get out of bed.

Then, on May 24, I was shot in the back on my front porch by an armed assailant known in Memphis as The Evergreen Phantom... Continued at link below


Spiritual Journeys are a conversation about faith and personal philosophy from a variety of people. Please send nominations for this feature to, 256-532-4320.

Diane Lehrs' artwork is currently on display this month with work by members of Ascribing Artists, at 16 Main Gallery, 16 Main St., Madison, AL

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