Monday, February 1, 2010

Alabama Arts Directory

Below is the link to the Alabama Arts Directory which was published in early 2009 as a culmination of the 2008 "The Year of Alabama Art" tourism promotion.

It lists museums, galleries and art festivals which are great venues Ascribing Artists can contact to promote their artwork.

"The Year of Alabama Arts” in 2008 focused attention on performing arts groups, concert series, artists and museums all over the state. The celebration even won national tourism awards for the Alabama Tourism Department. We continue to celebrate the creativity of our people and our love of the arts. I invite you to use this directory as a guide to unique destinations and festivals that showcase the talented artists and artisans that reside in Sweet Home Alabama. Invest in Alabama art that will brighten your
home and lift your spirits.

First Lady of Alabama Patsy Riley
First Lady

I am compiling another list of art festivals that may not be in the above directory. It is almost finalized. I am waiting for a few responses regarding 2010 show and submission dates. As soon as this is done, I will post another informative listing.

Thanks, Gina

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