Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mural Panel Artist Wanted

Terry Cornett of Heritage Drum Company is looking for a local artist to paint mural panels on his handcrafted rope-tensions drums. See examples posted.

Terry has been paying $200 for artwork. This is the price he charges the customer. He does not profit from another's work. All work can be signed (so it is not anonymous art).

While oils may be more correct for "period reproductions" Terry thinks acrylics are more stable and quicker. Artwork will be painted on a 16" diameter cylinder and total size of art will probably never exceed 13" x 13" Terry has painted one bass drum, whose art was closer to 16 x 16 over all. PLEASE forward this info to anyone you think might be interested in doing some contract work. Usually it is one drum at a time. Terry has an order which will be ready for paint in 30 days.
If you are interested please contact Terry at:

Terry Cornett

4021 Apollo Dr. SW

Huntsville, AL 35805


(email) ropedrum@otbrass.com

(web page) http://ropedrum.otbrass.com

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