Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loretta Goodwin Gallery Artist Submissions Wanted

Loretta Goodwin Gallery
Birmingham, AL

Artists Submissions

At this time the gallery is interested in new artists submittals. Loretta Goodwin Gallery is Birmingham's premier fine art gallery and we are aggressively looking to stay positioned as this area's best source of art for both residential and corporate collections. We invite artists who are committed to their art, interested in gallery representation to follow our artists submittal process to contact us.

Obviously, we will be looking for artists we believe will be a good "fit" for our gallery and that we believe we can be successful in representing.

Visuals of an artists work must come in by mail in the form of photographs or digital jpeg images. Artists may include some biographical information, but the gallery does not require it and the review is based solely on the merit of the work.

Submissions should be addressed to:
Dirk Walker, OwnerLoretta Goodwin Gallery
605 S. 28th Street
Birmingham, AL 35233

Submissions need to include a self addressed and stamped envelope for the material to be returned.

Please note…
Artists may not drop off work or portfolios for review or discussion. The gallery does not make appointments with the artists or review work on a drop by bas
is until the management has reviewed the submitted visuals and feels there is a possible fit.

Artists with websites can also submit website information below, and we will review your work by visiting your website.

Artists interested in representation with Loretta Goodwin Gallery may submit personal website information here:

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