Thursday, March 4, 2010

Congratulations to Michele Lee- Energen Art Competition

"Symphony" by Michele Lee, copyright

Congratulations to artist Michele Lee!

She entered the Energen Art Competition and was notified recently that her painting "Symphony" made it to the final round. It will be on display at the Energen Plaza in Birmingham March 26th – April 11th. On April 11th they will have an Artists Reception followed by the announcement of the winners!

Again, Congratulations to Michele Lee!

“The Symphony”

We come from different places, homes and countries. We are of different colors, race and creed. We own different beliefs, values and codes. We each see our God from a different pair of glasses. We swim in places that are cold and sometimes we need to breathe slowly just to stay alive. Other times we swim in the warm fluid temptations of this world. Without one another we cannot survive. We cannot grow. We cannot learn to love. We are like a great symphony in these waters. Each of us contributing a special note until the sounds fill our soul with a song that can only be heard and seen by God. We are like the Koi….we ARE “The Symphony”

Michele Lee


Madison Al


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