Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ascribing Artist Janet Smith: Limelight Exhibit

"Dance & Stuart" by Janet Schumacher, copyright

"Abandon Wagon" by Walt Schumacher, copyright

Walt and Janet Schumacher will be the HAL Limelight artists for the month of August. Their exhibit is titled "Ghost Towns of Montana", featuring photographs they took last summer. This exhibit was shown at the Huntsville Times in June, and their photographers were favorably impressed. Janet's are in color, and Walt's are all in Black and White.

The ghost towns are Bannack, Garnet, Virginia City and Nevada City. Bannack is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the country, founded in 1862. Most inhabitants had moved on by the 1950's, and sixty structures remain standing. Garnet also came alive in 1862 when gold was discovered nearby. It was abandoned around 1918. Virginia City still has 132 inhabitants, and its nearby neighbor, Nevada city, is a re-creation of the original city plus many buildings moved there from other ghost towns, including Yellowstone's "Recreation Hall", built in 1910.

Come get a fascinating glimpse into the Wild West of yesteryear! The HAL reception is on Friday, August 6, 5-8PM.

Huntsville Art League
3005 L&N Dr. Suite 2
Huntsville AL 35801

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