Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Commissioned Portraits by Betty Burchfield: Jesus Love Me

"Jesus Love Me" by Betty "Little Reb" Burchfield, copyright

This is a good visual picture for one's child of how Jesus loves them by letting them see themselves sitting upon his lap. As the Bible tells us....."Jesus loved the little children".

It is also a comforting painting if their child is with Jesus to know that Jesus loves the children and is holding them tenderly in his loving arms.
And..... wouldn't this make a nice gift for somebody who just had their baby christened.

Size 16" x 20"

More information about putting a special child in Jesus' lap can be found at

This is my impression of what Jesus looks like. The little girl in the painting is my granddaughter, Madison, when she was about two or three years old.

Betty "Little Reb" Burchfield


  1. Glorious Idea!! It would be a priceless treasure to anyone with a child! Victoria Walker

  2. If I had a baby picture of myself, I would send it to you to paint one of me with Jesus. My son has all of my old treasured photos put away but what a good idea that would be too....
    I love this GW...TR

  3. This is adorable!! What a great idea! I'm so proud of you my precious mother! You are sooooooooooo talented! I love you. I will cherish this picture forever!!