Thursday, April 1, 2010

Featured Artist: Tim Thornton

"A Wak To The Beach" by Tim Thornton, copyright

"Waiting For Sunset" by Tim Thornton, copyright

"Out Going Mail" by Tim Thornton, copyright

Artist Statement: Tim Thornton

In recent years my love for southern costal areas and tropical scenery and my love of art have merged into an intimate relationship. I’m excited about what has emerged. I enjoy painting places that I have visited or places that I dream about. Some of my art contains both real and imaginary objects. Generally I photograph objects for reference.

God gave us all a talent, some he gave more. None the less he expects us to use this talent to it’s fullest, multiplying it if possible, sharing it with others not hiding it as the foolish man.

Feel free to critique and make suggestions.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Thornton

Contact: Tim Thornton 256-509-5124


  1. Beautiful work Tim!!! You are very talented!!

  2. Tim, good work. I love your bright and brilliant colors. You are indeed very gifted.
    God is so good to us.