Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Artwork by Betty Burchfield

Portrait by Betty Burchfield, copyright

Detail of portrait


Betty Burchfield notes, I was cleaning out my file drawer and found this small black and white picture of my friend, Heaven's Dad. I had totally forgotten that I told her I'd paint his portrait for her..... someday. I decided to surprise her and paint her precious Dad for!

When she came to view his picture, tears flowed down her face. She came over and touched his painting and it was if she had her Daddy back again. Every single wrinkle and mold was captured in the painting. I removed his hand and gave him a vibrant burgundy shirt, gave him a shave and a twinkle in his eye. She said his hair was always "tassled."

Heaven was so very close to her father. He was her "hero". When he died she felt lost and alone. She told me she had been really sad here lately and this painting helped to "perk her up".

Painting portraits is more than just brushes and paint..... it is a way of giving people an image of some treasured memory that seemed to have "faded away" and bring it back to life.

Making others happy makes God happy and is my way of giving back to Him the talent He gave to me.

Jesus said :
Mark12:31 You must love others as much as yourself. No other commandments are greater than these.

Betty Burchfield

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