Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Betty Burchfield Featured on the Jamie and Gloria Cooper's TV Show Friday

"Gloria Cooper" painting by Betty Burchfield, copyright

"Gloria Cooper" photo

Art News from artist Betty Burchfield:

I will be on Jamie and Gloria Cooper's tv show this coming Friday, May 28th at 6:00 a.m. They are coming to my house Wednesday for an interview. I will be presenting Gloria an 18 x 24 painting of her. She is not only beautiful but such a kind and caring person.

Cooper & Company Live airs at 6am, noon & 9pm Tuesday - Friday

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SINCE Janurary 2003, WTZT-TV in Athens, AL, known as ZTV-11, has been Local and lovin' it, with shows that focus on local people and places in the Tennessee Valley. Jamie and Gloria Cooper own and operate ZTV-11, as well as host and produce the morning show, Cooper & Company.

For more info about Betty Burchfield please visit her website at:



  1. Betty, you are my favorite doll artist and one of my most favorite people. Your talent in both dolls and oil painting is just awesome. I have learned a lot from you and for this and for your friendship I feel very blessed

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful painting you've made....
    Too bad, I can't see the TV show here in the Netherlands. I would have loved to see it...

  3. I am so proud of you mom!! I don't think most people realize how talented you really are!! I know God has huge plans for you and I love how he is always using you to touch people's lives through your art. You are so precious to me and I want to thank you for always giving the glory to our awesome God!! You are an inspiration to us all!! I love you so much!

  4. You have outdone yourself once again. So beautiful. You are so very talented. I absolutely adore your work and often find myself staring at my very own bride doll that you so graciously did for me and my mother.

    I wish I could see the show but I don't think it airs in Pennsylvania. Can I see it online?

  5. You are not only talented in your art and dolls but also as a wonderful kind, caring, loving person. always willing to help others and share your talents and knowledge. Your paintings are wonderful (I know You did one for me of my great gramd children) and your dolls are great.

    I wish I could see the show also but dont find it here in Arizona. Norma

  6. You are such a kind and caring person and God has certainly given you so much talent which you are using and putting to good use and making so many people happy. I am so happy you are my friend and I look up to and want you to know how much you mean to me and you are such a wonderful witness for God. I wish I could see the show but can't get it in Ohio. You are my mentor. I have every doll mold you have made and sold and so glad that I have the large Judith that you did not sell the mold for but I was lucky enough to get the greenware from you and make me one. I have made a doll from each of your molds and love each one of them especially Debbie which was your sculpt of your lovely daughter Debbie.

  7. Thank you so much for my beautiful painting! I wanted to let everyone know that you can watch part of Betty's interview at jamiecooper.com (6am, noon & 9pm). Next week we will have the interview in full located on that website under the clips page. Many blessings to you Goose! Thank you again! ~Gloria Cooper

  8. David Wilson Steelman (Goose's Son)May 27, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    very proud of you Goose, always have been

  9. Let us know if we can see the show on-line...Hope they show your doll room as it is awesome. It is like a doll wonderland and I can't believe you made them all. Your oil paintings are beautiful! So much talent and such a beautiful soul too.