Saturday, May 1, 2010

Featured Artist: Russ Sexton

Marsh Sunset, by Russ Sexton, copyright
Another place i love is the beach and hiking the shore lines. In Destin there is a natinal sea shore , one of the last true florida landscapes. Catching the sunset and a heron stalking supper made for a great high color photo. using the vivid setting and punching up the sunset color setting with a nikon coolpix the image turned out very nice.

Two Tulips by Russ Sexton, copyright
Another facet of my college photography was to provide interesting photos of simple objects, in very controled stuidos. This photo is side lighted by a 20 million candelpower lamp , Appling the Ansel Adams techniques of what is white ( the f stop ) and what is black , this photo fell right into place with the combination of scienticfic use of side lighting and the phototography techinque of white/black control.

Winter Walk by Russ Sexton, copyright
I live to get out in the mountains in a snow storm. With the limited visability and a true white/black scene in a blizzard at Monteagle Tennessee i made this photo. I try to use a high of Fstop possible to get the depth of feild. This is a color photo, the scene is blach and white. Just a reverse flip of shooting color scenes with black and white film.


I started Photography before college and fell in love with the art form. While in college I earned money working free lance for the newspaper and weddings. The college had a fantastic photo department that provided me access to other perofessional photographers and the darkrooms. This is where I learned the most, doing late night sports photos, and nature photography. After college, engineering was my goal. After many years the digital camera and computer programs (photoshop) became the new era of photography. With these new tools and old school techniques, like Ansel Adams white to black guidlines, photography is a whole new fronteir once again. Recently I have put aside the money making and focused on the "art of the print" and I have been having great fun ever since.

My favorite bible verse is Genisis 1.1 - In the beginning God created heaven and earth . --- now that is pretty cool

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