Saturday, May 1, 2010

Featured Artist: Jackie Segars

"At the Beach" by Jackie Segars, 16x20, oil, copyright
"Grizzly Bears" by Jackie Segars, 18x24, oil, copyright

"Lichen Rock-Sipsey" by Jackie Segars, 18x24, oil, copyright

"Herons" by Jackie Segars, 24x30, oil, copyright

I like just about any kind of art. I Iike to think about it, talk about it, read about it, create it and so on.

There are no deep reasons or profound messages-no politics or philosophy-in my art. When I see the works of early American painters like Bierstadt or Remington, I can only imagine what has slipped away. Yet there is so much beauty still left across this country, and I would like to paint as much of it as I can. I may never get there physically, but I am transported to all the wild and beautiful places when I paint them.

I hope that when others look at my work, they will be transported, too, just for a while.
Favorite Bible Verses
I like to look back to the beginning, Genesis 1:1, and be reminded that God created heaven and earth. He took care of everything perfectly then and he will take care of us now, according to his purpose, Romans 8.

It would be impossible for me not to believe that God created the earth. To be near a beautiful meadow or mountain or stream gives a feeling akin to being in church, and I just have to paint it.

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  1. Jackie is an awesome artist. Her softness in her colors and atmoshere is as original as herself. I get the priveledge to paint next to her weekly. I count myself more blessed by witnessing her art and for her wonderful friendship. Great Job! Lynn Weatherford