Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Excerpt taken from: “In Defense of Christian Arts”

People of this world do not understand our Christian language. How can we speak to them in a way that they will understand? People of the world do not think it is necessary to believe. How can we get past their defenses to get to their hearts? The world, in trying to sell its philosophies understands one thing that we forgot. A person will not really believe something until it speaks to his feelings and his spirit.

The media uses what they know about how the mind works and the power of the arts, drama, photography, film, dance, story telling, etc. to speak to people and sell us whatever they want. This is a pity because the arts originally belonged to the people of God. Now they are seldom used and often categorized as superfluous or unnecessary. From stories of the son’s of Seth, to the portrayals of the prophets, to the dances of the Israelites, to the stories of the Rabbis, to the medieval Passion plays that portrayed Christ’s last days on earth, to film and story today, believers have always used the Arts, for worship, evangelism, teaching, enjoyment and exhortation. Why have so many churches thrown the gift of the creative arts back in the face of our Creator God? The only reason I can think of is fear.

Fear is never a good reason to make a decision. If the arts are corrupt in the world, then we need not to say the arts are corrupt. We need to bring them back to where they belong, in the holy service of Our King.”

Excerpt taken from:

“In Defense of Christian Arts”

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