Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Featured Artist: June Dean

"Rose Bud Opening" by June Dean, copyright

"Goldfish in Pond" by June Dean, copyright

"Butterflies" by June Dean, copyright

Featured Artist June Dean

Selling my first work at age 5 on the sidewalk of Portland Oregon set me scrambling for inspiration to paint. The next 55 years have been a blast. I've lived all over the world including Alaska, Taiwan, and now live in deep South with my so sweet southern husband. We raised children on Lake Martin and moved to the deep woods. It is all good as I love to paint wildlife and I find I'm surrounded by a verity of it.

I work in all mediums but am enjoying watercolor right now. I think Oil and Watercolor give life to our work.

My greatest desire with my artwork and writings is that I inspire you to give more thought of our Creator and how great our Creator is. I'm just loving Genesis as it is our foundation to our belief system.

June Dean


  1. Love June and her art work!

  2. Nice work by a wonderful lady. Thanks for sharing.