Monday, September 20, 2010

"Jesus Loves Me" Portraits by Betty Burchfield

Original Photo of artist's son.

"Jesus Loves Davy" by Betty Burchfield, copyright

I have been painting a series of "Jesus Loves Me" pictures whereby I put someone's child in Jesus' lap.

This is a visual painting for the child to see how much Jesus loves them. In this painting, however; the child you see sitting in His lap is now 42 yrs. old.

It looks like Jesus is tickling Davy in the tummy and making him laugh. I changed the eyes of the little one to look up at Jesus and tilted his body back a little. This one makes me smile.

These paintings "Jesus Loves Me" are for commission only. If you'd like for me to put your child in Jesus' lap, go to my website at for prices.

Betty Burchfield

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