Friday, January 29, 2010

Art News from Diane Lehr- Art On The Square


Art On The Square wishes you a joyful, creative and stimulating 2010!

AOTS is gathering data, warming up the creative spirits, and looking forward to this New Year. We hope you will help us continue the conversation with enthusiasm as we bring great opportunities to lots of regional artists and innovative experiences to the community. We want to be an art destination for North Alabama!

Art On The Square has BIG PLANS that are tailored to fit this community perfectly! Be watching for our calendar of events to be announced in Februrary, 2010!

Diane Lehr

Why Art?

Why Do Adults Need Art?

Fine art (even without the big dollar-signs) has a story to tell. Art is something that graces an over taxed and tedious life with beauty and ideas. It speaks to our past and to the future. It elevates us. By simply beginning an interest in art, you gain brainpower, personal enrichment, and an appetite for the things that serve as the backdrop to make moments special. Music in the home. Lovely paintings and photographs on the wall. A coffee table filled with treasures you love. Movies that make us laugh and cry.The company of great books. Dining in a top notch restaurant. A sense of pride in the beauty of your own hometown. Attending a fantastic concert or play.

Why Do Children Need Art?

Participating in art projects provide skills that allow children to learn creativity, flexibility, confidence, collaboration, the art of listening, self-expression, and the appreciation of diverse perspectives.Children learn through play. Giving children the experience of art as a place to play equals a place to learn. When this child grows up to be a school board member, she'll fight for the right of all children in the community to have their lives opened to the arts.

Art On The Square wants us to have these experiences in the New Year.

Art On The Square,
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