Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kid's Room Artwork by Debbie Jones

"Peace" poster board by Debbie Jones, copyright

"Leopard" poster board by Debbie Jones, copyright

"Name/Letter" poster board by Debbie Jones, copyright

"Crown" poster board by Debbie Jones, copyright

Local artist, Debbie Jones is creating cute works of art for kid's rooms. She is selling the poster boards for $45 each plus shipping. She is also available for commissioned work. Please feel free to contact Debbie at:

Also, look for Debbie's featured artist spot coming soon.

Debbie is the daughter of Ascribing Artist Betty Burchfield,


  1. I have known Debbie Jones all her life. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. God has blessed her with so many talents.
    She loves little children and entertains them at birthday parties as "Cinderella". The little children look at her as if she is real. She lights up their little eyes when she comes in the room.

    Debbie's work reflects the love she has in her heart. She is also my partner and artist in our business, Treasured Reflections.

    How do I know her? She's my only daughter.
    I love you, Debbie


    January 30, 2010 11:49 AM

  2. I have known Debbie for many years, as I am a close friend of Betty Burchfield, her mother. I see the wonderful talent that both she and her mother are gifted with and they give God the glory for it all. I am so proud to be connected with such a talented family.
    I love them all.

  3. Debbie is an astonishing artist as is her mother, Betty Burchfield. She is growing and blossoming each and every day with her artwork. This is truly a multi talented family who gives all of the credit for their many talents to God. It is so refreshing to see such talented people use their talents! Keep up the great work, Debbie! And thank YOU for showing us the wonderful works of these two great women....and all of the other aspiring artists from the Madison/Huntsville area. It is so refreshing to see people exploring their abilities.